Before You Start Writing Your Script:

Some good pointers for any screenplay writers out there.

The Dialogue Architect

Before you type that first bit of dialogue. Before you type the words FADE IN. Before you even open Final Draft, there is much work to be done. Some new writers start their scripts before they even know the protagonist’s name. Some experienced writers may do this as well, but I’m going to give you 5 things to do before you start your script that will save you lots of time and several rewrites.

First: Know your characters! Especially your hero! Take some time to figure out what makes your characters tick. I know some writers will develop an entire backstory for their characters, most of which they never use, but it helps them know how their characters will react in any given situation. I’m not saying you have to write pages and pages of backstory on each character, but a few paragraphs, maybe even a page or…

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