Writing a Better Antagonist

There’s no story with out an antagonist.

The Dialogue Architect

In honor of Halloween (I know I’m late, but at least I’m close) I decided to discuss the characters we all love to hate… or is that hate to love? Either works. I’m talking about the antagonist of a story. Now not every antagonist is a villain, but… every villain is an antagonist. The bad guy in your story doesn’t need to be bad just for the sake of being bad. That’s a villain, and sometimes a villain can become a caricature. We don’t want that. Unless of course you’re writing a comedy and then all bets are off. Make him a Snidely Whiplash if you’re going for over the top humor. What I’m here to discuss is how to create a memorable antagonist. One your audience will either hate to love or… well, you get the idea.

Every story needs conflict. Without conflict your hero is free to do…

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