Month: June 2017

I’m back again…for now

Well, I’ve been feeling better the last few weeks, so I thought I’d work on WordPress.

This round of dizziness/oscillopsia/vertigo has been going on for a year and eight months. The world shakes to some degree…every single day. I’ve had bad days and better days, but never good days. Some days I’m able to grin and bear it, other days it debilitates me.

I can’t upload a video because I don’t have a premium plan, but if you go to Youtube and search oscillopsia, you can see a one-minute video of what I go through every day.

To others, I look just fine, but inside I’m miserable; my head hurts. It’s hard to describe. It’s not a headache. The only way to describe it is intense pressure, like my head is closing in on me.

So I’m asking you, my loyal followers — that’s like, what two? Two followers? — to welcome me back…again.  Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. 🙂