So…I just got home from a WordPress 101 class at the library, and I’m trying to apply what I learned to my blahg.

I’m so totally not a tekkie person and often go in circles, banging my head along the way.   (No wonder I’m so dizzy.)   All things considered, I think I’ve done an okay job so far.

Just so you know, I never intended this site to be called, “It’s just so…um…blahg!” It was just supposed to be a stopgap while I familiarized myself with WordPress, preferably in private. But the learning curve didn’t allow everything — mistakes, that is — to be done privately.

My real blog is totally different, complemented with my very own homemade artwork! I’m not an artist, WordPressers,  but I actually think it looks pretty good for a non-artist.  Yeah, I surprised myself.

I’m in the process of copyrighting the real blog.  In the meantime, I’m working on this one, getting a feel for it, making mistakes, all while listening to Quiet Riot, quietly, and “banging my head.”

I just tried to connect this site to Path. Has anyone ever heard of Path?

Me neither.

Evidently, it’s another blog site.  First I had to create an account. Its front page is really pretty and animated.  After that…well…I don’t know.  It was quite lonely over there.  I mean there was nobody there.  Nobody to follow.  Nobody to help me.  You’d think with a name like “Path,” there’d be a “Pathfinder” feature to help find…someone!  But no.

So, I came back over here to and wrote this just to see what happens on Path since we’re now connected.

Ciao for now…


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