Terrie’s New Adventure

Howdy, everybody! Just wanted to let you know that Jesus told cowgirl Terrie Lynn that He was comin’ to git ‘er  ’cause He needed some cowgirls to help with them horsies up in Heaven.  Yep, that’s right, folks.  After wrangling with cancer fer just less than a year, Terrie hanged up her cowboy hat, dropped ’er rope and chaps, and followed Him into a new painless life with Jesus in we call Heaven.

Terrie’s love fer them horsies began at the tender age of two when she climbed up the corral fence and hopped right on top a growed up horsie! Nope, that ain’t no joke, folks.  She was obsessed with chickens and has had quite a few pet hens and roosters — had names for them, too.

Terrie graduated from Windsor High School and was a member of the Windsor Wizard swim team. She was also a wizard at diving.  In fact, folks, she was number one in the entire league!  Yep, a Welco Champion Diver!

After she dried her hair, she went to work for Hewlett-Packard fer a few years, and then was an official newspaper girl for the Denver Post. After throwin’ them newspapers for ‘bout 30 years, she called it quits ‘cause her arm was gettin’ tired.

In addition to being a cowgirl, she was also an adventure girl, a funny girl and a handy-whoaaa-man, homebuilder, and remodeler!  Yep, she was in the process of renovating her entire house with a really kewl, old-time western theme.  Stepping into her house was like walking into a saloon in a John Wayne movie.

She is survived by her father, mother, brother, and sister — me.   Also surviving are her son and daughter–in-law, another son, and daughter.

She is also survived by several aunts on both sides of her family.  This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include her beloved hearing dog, Dakota, and pet chickens Lulu, BeBob, Starbucks, and Sassy.

She is preceded in death by numerous uncles on both sides of her family.  Also preceding her is her hearing dog, Socks, and dogs, Brandy and Dewey.  We can’t ferget about them pet chickens, Betty White, Red, and Peep-Peep, plus them crowing roosters, Lucky and Taco. (That dang Taco was so mean to me an’ chased me all over the place.)

We put on our cowboy boots and hats and sent her off on her new adventure by “hearsey and wagon” to be with Jesus. Giddy up, Cowgirl!  Yee-haw!


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