So…I just got home from a WordPress 101 class at the library, and I’m trying to apply what I learned to my blahg.

I’m so totally not a tekkie person and often go in circles, banging my head along the way.   (No wonder I’m so dizzy.)   All things considered, I think I’ve done an okay job so far.

Just so you know, I never intended this site to be called, “It’s just so…um…blahg!” It was just supposed to be a stopgap while I familiarized myself with WordPress, preferably in private. But the learning curve didn’t allow everything — mistakes, that is — to be done privately.

My real blog is totally different, complemented with my very own homemade artwork! I’m not an artist, WordPressers,  but I actually think it looks pretty good for a non-artist.  Yeah, I surprised myself.

I’m in the process of copyrighting the real blog.  In the meantime, I’m working on this one, getting a feel for it, making mistakes, all while listening to Quiet Riot, quietly, and “banging my head.”

I just tried to connect this site to Path. Has anyone ever heard of Path?

Me neither.

Evidently, it’s another blog site.  First I had to create an account. Its front page is really pretty and animated.  After that…well…I don’t know.  It was quite lonely over there.  I mean there was nobody there.  Nobody to follow.  Nobody to help me.  You’d think with a name like “Path,” there’d be a “Pathfinder” feature to help find…someone!  But no.

So, I came back over here to and wrote this just to see what happens on Path since we’re now connected.

Ciao for now…




Here I am by my plane, I mean, someone’s plane.

Here’s something I’ll bet ya never knew about me:  I always wanted to be a pilot.  Of course, I’d never get a pilot’s license because of my vestibular problem. But one can dream, right? Yeah, I’ve always been fascinated with airplanes.

All About Me!

Welcome to “It’s just so…um…blahg!.”  I’m new at this and still learning, so have patience.

Just a little bit about me…

I grew up in what used to be the small town of Windsor in colorful Colorado. (It has since then grown considerably.) I got my Bachelor’s in Journalism from Colorado State University. However, being hard of hearing since birth, I soon realized I wasn’t cut out to be a journalist since it is of utmost importance to “get the facts straight.” Did I waste my degree? No, not really, although in retrospect, I probably should’ve worked on a Creative Writing degree. Oh, well.  After graduation, I headed to Tuscon, Arizona and got a job in an advertising agency as Media Assistant.

After I was laid off, I moved to Burbank, California and got a job in the music licensing industry at Warner Music Group. After 11 years listening to our music synchronized in movies and television, I decided I needed to follow my creative aspiration. But after 911, I decided to move back to Colorado.

Although I miss my beloved Burbank, my home resides in Colorado. I discovered my passion for writing in a very unusual manner — while I was studying “The Idiot’s Guide to Learning Spanish.” Really. Honestly. The book gave little tidbits on what not to say when speaking to a Spanish-speaking person. That’s when I began thinking, “Wouldn’t it be funny if [insert something embarrassing].” After I said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if…?” enough times, a relative said, “Shouldn’t you be writing this down?”

So I bought a book on screenwriting and began writing. When I was done, I gave myself a pat on the back…and then I thought, I’d better read another book. After reading a second book, I realized my story needed revising. After I revised it I gave myself two thumbs up, and then thought, I’d better read another book. After reading “How Not to Write a Screenplay, I realized my story was in dire need of major revision. Satisfied with my third revision, I thought, Now this is ready, and then, I’d better read another book. Sixteen screenwriting books later, I finally felt I had a grasp of the art of storytelling — character arc, conflicts, growth, action, etc.

When I’m not writing, I’m usually daydreaming about what to write next.  Eventually, I plan to have my own website with stories you might like. It’s still in the daydreaming phase, so more on that later…

When I’m not doing those things, I’m learning Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and American Sign Language.  I like to sing…but you’d kick me out of Karaoke. (The boyfriend wears earplugs.)  If you want to be friends with me on Facebook, I’m Zanna Shirmana.

Ciao for now…